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Participating writers

The rough draft deadline has past and we have had 17 absolutely brilliant looking drafts and summaries sent in.

So we wanted to say masses of thanks to all the writers for all the work you have put in so far and we can tell you all that we are going to be in for a real treat in October.

And here is the list of participating writers (in alphabetical order):

• Angelfish
• Dawnwind
• FictionWriter
• Golden Bastet
• Halotolerant
• Izzie
• Judes
• krisser
• lbc
• LilyK
• Liriel
• merentha13
• PFL and Elizabeth O’Shea
• P.R. Zed
• Sarah K

Artists and vidders look out for posts over the next few days letting you know what is going to happen and how to claim your story.
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