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*\o/**\o/**\o/* The BIG REVEAL *\o/**\o/**\o/*


We take great delight in presenting the agents lovely crazy people writers and artists for the 2011 Pros Big Bang, along with the summaries of the stories they're currently working on.

On behalf of the fandom at large, and the Box of Tricks mods in particular, I'd like to thank all of you for participating. ♥

ARTISTS: If you have not received an email from prosbigbang with your writer's rough draft attached, please check your spam trap and if it's not there, let me know.

So, without further ado...

1) Confronting the Abyss by lbc (longstrt). Art by Roven (roven75).

The five+ year partnership of Bodie and Doyle has hit a rough patch although the two men have been having sex off and on for most of that time. A former lover and friend of Bodie's, named Jase Stephens, has returned after 15 years. The fear of commitment to Doyle makes Bodie take a dangerous gamble, one that will either gain him all that he’s ever wanted or once again, disappointment and despair, two feelings that he has had many times in his short life.

2) Secure Yourself to Heaven (crossover) by LilyK (sc_fossil). Art by ankaree.

Pulled out of semi-retirement and put on his first undercover case in many years, Ray Doyle finds out that battling demons is very different for him now than it used to be. He must pretend to be someone he surely isn't; he must to prevent an assassination; he must save someone he dearly loves; and he must try and survive intact, body and soul. Crossover with Apparitions.

3) In the Bleak Midwinter by P.R. Zed (przed). Art by Molly (mollybrooks).

When a Russian agent takes to blackmailing and murder, Bodie and Doyle are forced to use their relationship as bait for blackmail. But when the op goes badly, Doyle is injured, and their Russian target escapes, they find their world overturned. With a crippled leg looking to take him out of the field permanently, Doyle tries to distance himself from both Bodie and CI5, but the Russian agent is still seeking revenge against them both.

4) Untitled. (AU) by Golden Bastet (golden_bastet). Art by smirra

Baroque Venice (18th century). Raimondo is a member of the household of Signore M____. A member of the Council of Ten (the governing elite of the Most Serene Republic of Venice), il signore took Raimondo in off the streets as a young kid, giving Raimondo an existence that the boy never could have dreamed of. However, now that Raimondo’s an adult, there is a price: publicly, he becomes his patron’s new wife’s cavalier servente, or official companion; privately, he becomes his patron’s lover. It is still, however, better than living on the streets. Bodie works for Signore C____, in service to the State Inquisitors, a secret tribunal entrusted by the Republic to deal with threats to state security. Bodie’s mission: to investigate Signore M____, who may have other plans in the works. Bodie’s methods: to establish contact with either Signore M____’s young wife, or her companion, Raimondo, and find out what they know. And Bodie has his ways of getting… information.

5) Untitled by PFL and Elizabeth O’Shea (msmoat and elizabethoshea). Art by hermine.

In the year 2000, Bodie and Doyle are established in a unique and vital role within CI5. But, thirteen years ago, they were torn apart when Bodie resigned after a near-fatal error of judgement – leaving Doyle heartbroken until his eventual return.

When Doyle is injured and held hostage during a violent robbery, old guilts and uncertainties reawaken. With Doyle is a young agent whose overconfidence, in part, led to the debacle. He and his partner are working through issues of their own. Now, Bodie and Doyle must work together to resolve a tense hostage situation and their old fears, while passing on some hard-won lessons they hope will salvage the newer partnership.

6) Sing My Heart (AU) by Judes (judesmk). Art by mella68

William Bodie, successful theatre producer, is looking for a lead singer for his new production. Ray Doyle, aspiring singer, is looking for fame and fortune.

Will they be able to help each other? Will their relationship recover from their initial encounters?

7) A Change of Light by Angelfish (angelfish777). Art by ILWB (inlovewithboth).

Doyle at last has Bodie in his bed, as well as by his side on the street, but loving Bodie on his own terms is a tough job. Bodie is still holding back, and then on the day of the siege at the Iranian Embassy, Bodie is shot – fatally, Doyle thinks. In blind fury, Doyle kills the gunman, an Iranian prince in his late teens, already disarmed by the SAS men and trying to surrender. Bodie, badly hurt but still alive, spends the next weeks in hospital. Doyle is imprisoned, and refuses to fight the pressure from Iran to have him extradited. After Cowley's efforts to protect him fail, it's a still recovering Bodie, with the help of their CI5 colleagues, who springs him. With an Iranian death squad on their heels, Bodie drags Doyle to his most remote and desperate bolthole, a barely habitable shack on the cliffs of the wild south Greece coast. On this burning anvil of the Peloponnese, he and Doyle must face the best and the worst in their own natures, and begin the fight to save their love and one another's lives.

8) The True Confessions of Raymond Doyle, or, Sea-I5 (AU) by Sarah K. (tears_of_nienna). Art by gvenanne

When Raymond Doyle boards a merchant ship to America, he expects a tedious but uneventful journey. He does not expect mutiny, murder, and the likes of William Bodie. When desperation drives Doyle to join the crew, he finds that a sailor's life suits him well. In the midst of a hurricane, a fellow sailor is killed, and Doyle stands accused of murder.

9) Orpheus Turns Around by halotolerant. Art by norfolkdumpling

A month after being shot through the heart, Raymond Doyle disappeared from hospital. Bodie was told in no uncertain terms to leave things alone, but there was no way he wasn’t following him, even as the trail lead to shady arms deals, CIA entanglements, notoriously cruel entrepreneurs and the city of Venice, deceptively idyllic in a summer holiday that is about to take a dark turn. Only just beginning to understand how he feels about his partner, Bodie is determined to save Ray from whatever web he’s become entangled in, but he isn’t expecting Ray himself to resist his help, any more than he’s expecting the other secrets that reveal themselves in the City of Masks.

10) For Kicks (crossover) by Dawnwind (dawnebeth). Art by Cloudless (cloudless_9193).

After preventing the kidnapping of a wealthy Middle-Eastern businessman's son, Bodie and Doyle are assigned to keep Karim Khorsandi safe until he signs an important oil contract. They team up with a couple of private investigators who are guarding Khorsandi's racehorse but it all goes awry. Bodie and Doyle have to unravel a complex knot of family loyalties and politics to find their suspect. They'd prefer to have stayed at home playing kinky sex games. Crossover with Racing Game.

11) The Riverboat Queen by FictionWriter (margaret_r). Art by Rain (milomaus).

It’s said diamonds are forever but they ended up costing a young flight attendant his life. Now Bodie and Doyle must go undercover in part of London’s gay scene to find a missing girl and the diamonds they believe she is hiding before the international racketeers who want them back get to her first. That’s not easy when you’re faced with murder, mayhem and drag queens. How will the lads cope with putting on a gay front when they have their own secrets to try and keep?

12) Untitled (crossover/AU) by Krisser (krisserci5). Art by banbury

It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind... the year the Great War came upon us all. This is the story of two men and how their lives changed because of it. New alliances created with old enemies and new organisations created, such as CI5 for gathering the truth and Rangers for continuing the fight. Bodie and Doyle may just be the last, best hope... for victory. The year is 2258. The universe: Babylon 5.

13) Untitled by merentha13. Art by bodiecuddle

Ray goes undercover alone to expose a gun and drug operation that brings him back in contact with men he turned evidence against in his Met days. It not only endangers him, but also threatens all aspects of his partnership with Bodie. When he learns Ray is in trouble, Bodie sets aside his hurt and doubt to do his job – to watch his partner’s back.

14) Lost Memories (AU) by SCH (scherwood). Art by firlefanzine

Everything Bodie knows about the world he lives in is turned inside out one day when he meets Ray Doyle. The same man Bodie has been dreaming about his whole life. Doyle is the leader of a terrorist group who works to set the British islands free from the Germans, and Bodie works for the very people who are trying to take the terrorists down. They both have a mission, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

15) Here the Whole World by Izzie (izzie7). Art by Lorraine (artconserv).

The story is set post Discovered in a Graveyard. When Bodie returns from an undercover operation that has reluctantly taken him away from his convalescing partner for a month, he discovers that all is not well. Doyle’s recovery has come to almost a complete halt, so to get him back on track, and ultimately back on the squad, Bodie moves in with him. But it takes a stay on the edges of the Peak District for matters to come to a head.

16) Untitled by Liriel (liriel1810). Art by togsos

Thrown together by Cowley and by chance, it’s loathe at first sight for Bodie and Doyle. Used to operating solo, Doyle is not impressed when he’s put to babysitting a saucy ex-mercenary who is not even part of CI5. When what was supposed to be an easy assignment turns into a race for survival, the two men will have to use their respective skills to work together if they hope to make it home alive. An encounter with an angry stoat will be the least of their worries as they struggle to surmount the increasing obstacles in their way. The experience will leave neither man untouched, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll acknowledge the impact it has made.

17) Vice by ILWB (inlovewithboth). Art by gblvr

Bodie receives a call to say his long lost younger brother, Michael, is in hospital after being beaten and raped. As they try to help him, Bodie and Doyle discover that he has had a traumatic life so far, working as a prostitute and starring in gay porn films. He tells them how his manager was brutally murdered by a bent copper high up in the Vice Squad. Based loosely on the story of gay porn star Brent Corrigan.

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  • Future of Pros Big Bang - poll results!

    First of all masses of thanks to everyone who took part in our poll about the future of the Pros Big Bang, it was fantastic to get this feedback…

  • Quick reminder about the poll

    . PLEASE remember to vote in the poll about the future of the Pros Big Bang if you haven't already and are eligible to participate. This poll will…

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