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Weekly Check In

Evening all!  (or Morning, Afternoon, Night...depending on where you are :D)

The deadlines for fic and art grow ever closer (la la la....I'm not listening...) and I'm just here to ask how you all are doing?   Writing, scribbling, painting, vidding - let us know how it's going.  And feel free to use the comments to ask for pointers, opinions, help with certain details, or simply just to flail and cry and share the misery! *g*

Please pop over to the recent 'What's happening next' post to check on the schedule for the coming month and find out how the submitting and posting process will progress.

Lastly, I have a couple links for those of us not quite in the zen space about our stories and/or art yet...

Fanfiction Generator - enter a few words and it creates a whole story for you.   Coherence and well-thought-out plotline most definitely optional, but it's a hoot and a half and great distraction material!

Online Paint - I have lost HOURS arsing about with this.  I don't know why it's so addictive - something about the virtual paintbrush I think.  But see...this is the kind of masterpiece of the Lads (or at least one of them) that you could be creating...

Good luck all!

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