norfolkdumpling (norfolkdumpling) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Weekly Check In

Well, well, well.   Today's the day, eh?   The finish line is well and truly in sight!

So, authors - let us know how it feels to have the finished draft submitted/about to be submitted.  Freeing?  Cause for a party?  Terrifying beyond all belief (surely not! :D)?

And artists - we're well on our way now, with our rough drafts submitted today, and from now until posting day to work on perfecting them.  Or maybe you're the organised type (*hint*  This would not be me....) - already finished so you can sit back and put your feet up with a well-deserved glass of something fizzy?

Feel free to use this post as a place to squee, flail, gibber, chat or collapse in a heap and wait for a good-looking agent to come around and feed you grapes and pet your hair.

Take a seat on this here couch...tell us all about it!

And can I also just say, on behalf of all my fellow modly types,  thank you so much to all who are playing, cheerleading and reading along in this year's Big Bang.  It wouldn't be anything without your participation and support.  We're grateful for so much enthusiasm, and very excited to see the results!   Go Pros! 

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