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'Orpheus Turns Around' (halotolerant)

Title: Orpheus Turns Around
Author: halotolerant
Artist: norfolkdumpling
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: ~26,993
Warnings: No major warnings apply

Summary:A month after being shot through the heart, Raymond Doyle disappeared from hospital. Bodie was told in no uncertain terms to leave things alone, but there was no way he wasn’t following him, even as the trail lead to shady arms deals, CIA entanglements, notoriously cruel entrepreneurs and the city of Venice, deceptively idyllic in a summer holiday that is about to take a dark turn. Only just beginning to understand how he feels about his partner, Bodie is determined to save Ray from whatever web he’s become entangled in, but he isn’t expecting Ray himself to resist his help, any more than he’s expecting the other secrets that reveal themselves in the City of Masks.

Notes: Chronologically, thank you to all the mods for putting on and running this Big Bang and generally keeping us on track, thank you draycevixen for tempting me into signing up (Queen of Pimps!) and to her and przed, saintvic, heliophile_oxon and siskiou for tirelessly cheerleading whenever I slammed up another wordcount on my LJ ♥ Thank you kayberrisford for sound-boarding and listening to my ramble, even in hotel rooms when just about to go to boyband concerts ♥ Thank you to my wonderful beta reader elfwhistletree who read this several times AND wrangled a LoM Big Bang for me this summer and supplied rainbow socks ♥ And last but definitely not least, thank you to the amazing and generous norfolkdumpling, who presented me with a beautiful piece of art that really motivated me to finish up, then proceeded to shower me with yet more gorgeous artwork - I could not be more delighted with the end product and it has been lovely to get to know you better ♥

Link to Fic: Orpheus Turns Around
Link to Art: Art Master Post at AO3 and Art Master Post on LJ</b>
Tags: stories and art 2011

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