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The True Confessions of Raymond Doyle, or Sea-I5 -- story by Sarah K, artwork by Gvenanne

Title: The True Confessions of Raymond Doyle, or Sea-I5
Author: Sarah K/tears_of_nienna
Artist/Vidder: gvenanne
Genre: AU, historical, slash
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word Count: 30,500
Warnings: Temporary character death.
Summary: When Raymond Doyle boards a merchant ship to America, he expects a tedious but uneventful journey. He does not expect mutiny, murder, and the likes of William Bodie. When desperation drives Doyle to join the crew, he finds that a sailor's life suits him well, but there are enemies on board who will do all they can to see him fail.

Thanks: To gvenanne--what amazing, gorgeous, incredible artwork. I am still atwitter every time I look at her illustrations. From the front cover to the back and everything in between--thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To squeeful for endless encouragement and historical fashion advice--any remaining errors are my own.

And to the mods at ci5_boxoftricks for being crazy brave enough to take on this challenge again. Thank you all so much!

Note: This story is based shamelessly on The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, by Avi. I'm pretty sure this one's in no danger of winning a Newbery Honor, though.

A brief explanation of ship's time, including the watches, can be found here.

Fic and Art at AO3
On Livejournal: Part One | Part Two | Part Three
Art Master Post on Livejournal

One more note: Make sure you click on the images, as they won't fit full-size into the text. And they deserve to be seen full-size!
Tags: stories and art 2011

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