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Łe Nòte del Carnevàl, by golden_bastet; artwork by smirra

Title: Łe Nòte del Carnevàl
Author: golden_bastet
Artist: smirra
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 25,576
Warnings: Highlight the following area to reveal the warnings: M/M, character death, dubcon / noncon, sadism

Summary: Baroque Venice (18th century).

Raimondo Della Straniero is a member of the household of Signore Angelo Cattivo. Holding a position on the Council of Ten - the governing elite of la Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta, the Most Serene Republic of Venice - il signore took Raimondo in off the streets as a young child, giving the boy an existence that he never could have dreamed of. However, now that Raimondo is an adult, there is a price: publicly, he becomes his patron’s new wife’s cavalier servente, or official companion; privately, he becomes his patron’s lover. It is still, however, easier than living on the streets.

Bodie works for Signore Giorgio Mucca, in service to the Supreme Tribunal of the State Inquisitors, a secret organization entrusted by la Serenìsima to deal with threats to state security. Bodie’s mission: to investigate Signore Cattivo, who may have plans of his own in the works. Bodie’s methods: to establish contact with either Signore Cattivo’s young wife, or her companion, Raimondo, and find out what they know. And Bodie has his ways of getting… information.

Notes: I’d like to thank a few people:
  • Definitely the betae, solosundance and anna060957 for coming to the rescue and doing a world-famous bang-up job (and thus saving my bacon).

  • ocotillo_dawn (who is a newly published author, as of today!) and beccaabbott for the non-fandom read, both of which were extremely helpful (for this and future fics).

  • L’Artiste smirra and her Tablet of Awesome, which had me wanting to post draft sketches in August.

  • constant_muse (formerly Jaycat92) for her early read-through and encouragement.

  • All the people who encouraged the process while it was going on. Because it went on for a long, long time.

  • Google and Wikipedia and a lot of little, obscure websites.

  • Devo, Poly Styrene, The Cars, and Mozart (to name a few).

  • Chad Winery and Brewery Lindemans, as official alcoholic beverage sponsors of the 2011 Pros Big BangTM.

And lastly the mods / organizers of both the ci5_boxoftricks Big Bang and mini_wrimo for pulling this all together / laying the groundwork for doing this in the first place.

Yay! \o/

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Link to Art: Art Master Post
Tags: stories and art 2011

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