Strike while the irony is hot (draycevixen) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
Strike while the irony is hot

A quick archiving reminder:

If you’ve posted your story/art to AO3, we hope you’ve added it to the 2011 Pros Big Bang collection

There’s also one for last year’s work, 2010 Pros Big Bang collection

If you haven’t posted your story to AO3 yet, but would like to do so, here are sineala’s very handy How to post to AO3 instructions.

If you still need an AO3 membership code, let me know.

IF you’ve already posted your story/art to AO3 but forgot to add it to the collections (either for this year or last year’s collections) it is not too late to do so and it’s very simple.

Just open your story in edit and scroll down to the “associations section.” Where it says “post to collections/challenges” enter either Pros_Big_Bang_2011 or Pros_Big_Bang_2010 depending on which year’s collection you’re adding your story to and be sure to save your changes.

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