Strike while the irony is hot (draycevixen) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
Strike while the irony is hot

Thanks for all the fish

On behalf of your mod squad, norfolkdumpling, przed, saintvic, sc_fossil, sineala and myself, I'd just like to thank all of you for helping make the second annual Pros Big Bang such a lot of fun.

To the artists, vidders and writers, thank you for being so brilliant and for generously sharing your talent and creativity with the fandom.

I would also like to again thank callistosh65 and przed for starting this whole Pros Big Bang enterprise to begin with.

To the Pros fandom in general, thank you for cheerleading, supporting, and providing encouragement to everyone involved.

Here's hoping we're all be mad enough keen enough to do it again next year. ♥

Our writers produced 16 new stories, a remarkable 585,646 words of new Pros fic.

Shortest story: 20,250 words
Longest story: 70,222 words
Average length: 36,603 words

EDITED TO CORRECT: I posted this in the early hours of this morning and relied on the maths from our google spreadsheet which was divided by the number of stories originally planned, not the 16 actually posted. So, the average length is actually 36,603 and not 24,402 as originally posted. Nice catch, saintvic. ♥

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