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Sign-ups are coming!

Hey everyone! This is just to remind you that sign-ups for the third annual Pros Big Bang are opening on February 1! That's this coming Wednesday! Are you ready? Are you excited?

While you're thinking about our Big Bang, perhaps you'd like to read (or reread!) stories from previous years. We are happy to help!

You can peruse the 2010 master list, which contains summaries and links to all twenty-three of the stories. If you prefer to read on the Archive of Our Own, there are currently twelve works (including a few separate art posts) in the Pros Big Bang 2010 collection. przed is also hosting e-reader files for many of the stories.

Or perhaps you want to read last year's stories? The 2011 master list has links to all sixteen stories. The Pros Big Bang 2011 AO3 collection has 21 works (again, this includes some of the art as separate posts) and some additional e-reader files are here.

Hooray! Go! Read! Reread!

(As a reminder, if you are a Big Bang author, vidder or artist who has not posted your work to the AO3 and you would like to, let us know! It is not too late to add your work! We have invite codes on hand! It is fun and easy! If you need help adding your work to the collection, we can also tell you how.)
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