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Prompt Post for the 2012 Pros Big Bang

By now some of you are wanting to sign up, but don't have a story idea big enough for a Big Bang. And others may want to participate, but aren't really writers. This is the post for all of you.

Have a stray plot bunny you'd like to set free for someone else? Have a story idea you'd love to see written? Post them here, all ideas gratefully accepted, be they canon, AU or crossover, plot or PWP, horror or scifi, h/c or angst, slash, femslash, gen or het.

We want to make this as easy as possible, so here are just a few guidelines to follow:

  • Leave as many prompts as you want.

  • Make them as detailed or as vague as you wish.

  • AUs and Crossover prompts are more than welcome.

  • No need to claim anything – if you see an idea you like grab it and get started!

    And to get things started, here are the links to prompts from years past:

    Last Year's Prompts Post

    The 2010 Prompts Post

    And last, but certainly not least, sineala's Where Do Ideas Come From Post.
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