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Strike while the irony is hot

Big Bang on the instalment plan?

Real life is really kicking my posterior right now for reasons I won’t get in to, except to say that it had led to my decision that signing up for this year’s Big Bang probably wasn’t a smart idea given my lack of free time.

Only then I started staring at the calendar. The rough draft is due on the 1st of July. Today is the 16th of February. If I include today and count all the days up to, and including, the 30th of June that’s a total of 136 days.

Simple maths tells me that if I write only 111 words every day I’ll have 15,096 words by the 1st of July.

Nobody panic! Your story actually only has to be 10,000 words long at the rough draft stage. If you apply the same maths you only need to write 74 words a day to have 10,064 words by then.

Of course, most of us don’t write this way and I’m sure many of you will be moving up in to much higher maths with your 100,000 stories (YAY!), BUT if you have a plot in mind that you think could really turn out to be in the 15,000 words range when finished, then just take another look at these numbers.

I, for one, find it very calming to look at it this way, particularly if you fall in to the same camp of would really like to take part but really don’t have very much time to spare.

1) Pick a plot that you think could be easily done in approx. 15,000 words.

2) Plan on writing between 74-111 words a day minimum and know you’ll make the rough draft target.

3) Rest secure in the knowledge that you’ll still have 85 days after that to beat your rough draft in to shape with a big stick diligently edit your masterpiece and even write another 5,000 words if you went for the lower daily number. You’ll notice I said *your* masterpiece, not mine. :D

I think I have the right plot in mind. I hope you do too.

Stand by Tog, it looks like Drayce mockage *might* be on the menu after all.

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