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mollior cuniculi capillo

Weekly Check-In Post

Hey hey! How's it going with those stories, writers?

This week I'd like to link you all to a few sites that are helpful in, well, getting those words out. I have the feeling we've mentioned them before, but I am sure they are just as good the second time.

750 Words is a site that encourages you to write 750 words per day, and rewards you with points and such for staying on target.

Write or Die, which you have probably heard of, is the, let's say, slightly more evil version of the same concept. (You probably want the left-hand link that says "web app.") Basically, start typing, and if you stop typing, hideous things will happen. On the highest setting, if you stop typing, the program begins to delete your text.

Written? Kitten! (made by, I think, a couple of fannish people) is the kinder, nicer version of Write or Die. Every hundred words (or whatever increment you like), you are rewarded with a cute kitten. Yes. A kitten. This one is my favorite.

I hope some of those are helpful! (Don't forget to copy your text back to your word processor when you're done.) Happy writing!
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