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Your weekly check-in post

Let's not agonise over word counts this week. Let's agonise over...well, agony. Let us know how you are planning on whumping the lads for your Big Bang. What's it to be, a nice unhealthy dose of pleurisy? Pneumonia? Flu and some stealth-hugging? Or how about that old favourite, hypothermia and enforced sleeping-bag/bed sharing? Always love that one myself.

Or are you going the more traditional route of the Pros era, and just planning on shooting and stabbing the lads, with maybe a broken bone or two thrown in for good measure? Enquiring minds want to know.

And then there's the matter of which one to do it all to, right? I personally have a thing for a gruff Doyle trying not to have worry make him ratty, and a Bodie all loose-limbed and wide-eyed from blood loss and/or fever/ blow to the head, etc.

But then a Doyle with all that feisty-ness whumped out of him is also rather appealing..

So share your thoughts and plans below for all the hurt/comfort we can look forward to.

And check this yahoo group out, if you like. dawnebeth and ancastar put me onto this. It's for fanfic writers to ask and get answers to medical shenanigans they want to put their characters through.


(Best question ever? dawnebeth saw it just after she joined up:

"How long would my character live with an arrow through his heart?")

EDIT: And this one too (thanks liriel1810): Absolute Write, which apparently has lots of gory tidbits on gunshot wounds, etc.

Also, little_details on LJ. Thanks Drayce!

And I suppose I should also warn for spoilers ahead in some of the comments.
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