Callisto (callistosh65) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Another of those check-in posts

Time for another check-in, Oh Writers of Ours.. How you doing out there?

I should fess up right now that I floated the idea for this check-in post past the lovely przed for purely selfish reasons. How about a post for writers to ask for fixes, says I? Something they are stuck on??

So yup, you’ve guessed it, the first question down below is um, mine:-)

Anything driving you batty and turning your hair white?? Can’t work out how to get a pesky plot point wrapped up?? How to get Doyle from A to B, Bodie to C, and Cowley to a whole other alphabet? Or maybe you'd just like to make sure Jaffa cakes and Marmite would have been the Brit snack of choice for them??

Then voice your query/thorny problem here, and I thought we might try and pitch in with suggestions and ideas to get the creative juices flowing smoothly again.

(Those who want to avoid being spoiled for specifics in certain stories may want to skip this post.)

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