norfolkdumpling (norfolkdumpling) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Weekly Check In

Hello Big Bangers!

It's that weekly check-in time again, so feel free to step on up and use the comments to tell us how you're doing.   Or, alternatively,  flail/cry/jump-for-joy/pour a large one (delete as applicable).   Got any questions you need answered?  Ask away!   Just want to chat about something that isn't the Pros Big Bang?  Well...we're probably OK with that too ;)

Let us know how things are going and give those cheerleaders a chance to shake their pom poms.  Go on - they really like an audience!

Finally,  here are 10 authors' 10 best tips for writing, as collected by The Guardian.

Happy writing, and happy weekend folks!
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