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Weekly Check In Post

Another week has flown by and time marches on. I'm so excited as time for the rough draft announcements and artist claiming posts to go up. It will make all of this seem real! LOL! Not that it doesn't already but thinking about new Pros fic and art makes me giddy with joy.

I've been pounding away at my story for months now. It's a never ending thing with me once I get going. I won't be happy until the story is whipped into shape and I feel I can post it without embarrassing myself too badly.

So how's everybody doing? I'd love to have a word or two about how your story is progressing. Let those cheerleaders have something to do backflips over. There is no need to panic (yet). There's tons of time to write before the final deadline in Septmeber, and plenty of weeks until the rough drafts are due in. You have time to write that story! Keep at it and don't wait until the last minute. Slow and steady, and you'll get to the finish line in fine shape.

And remember, Father is in if you need guidance and/or sage advice:

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