golden_bastet (golden_bastet) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Help? on literary trends

On a fact-findinng mission...

Also, if there's some sort of protocol here about asking questions, please let me know.

A bit of an odd question, but here goes:

I need to find out (1) what literary writing styles were trendy in late 70s UK; and (2) what types of books the lads were reading during the series. I know a few have been mentioned, but am not sure of what beyond Ivan Denisovich.

"Literary writing styles" could be stream of consciousness, post-post modernism, deconstructism, something else: it just has to be *trendy,* what a writer looking for publicity / audience over quality might have been aiming for. I'd expect it to be dead by now. :D

These two things - (1) vs (2) - should be mutually exclusive.

Didn't find anything on little_details, but will check again.

Thanks ~ :D
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