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Weekly check in!

*waves hello*

I wanted to start this weekly check in with a couple of quick reminders.

The first is that the deadline for the artists sign up on the 30th May is getting ever closer. if you would like to sign up just head over to the Artists sign up post.

The second is for the writers and is just a reminder that we have posted some information about the rough draft requirements, you can seem them at the rough draft requirements post.

And of course the deadline for the rough draft submissions is the 1st July.............tons of time yet.

Now to move on to more distracting things.

Found this link to various writing tips from the masters. Lots of interesting stuff here and my fav pieces of advice was from the truly brilliant Neil Gaiman and was simply: Write.

I also thought that I might try and distract you all completely and utterly with a link to TV Tropes. I can guarantee once you start looking at this site you will lose lots of your time to it but hey they say: this wiki is a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. So we can pretend it is research.

And for my last link here is a collection of resources about Writing Sex Scenes. I especially liked the 102 places to have sex list and it set me wondering how many the lads could take advantage of *g*.

And of course this is your chance to let us know how you are getting on, see if anyone wants to join you when you escape to a tropical island *g*, ask any questions, curse my name for distracting you with links, and just generally chat away about the BB.
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