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Seeking advice and opinions

I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to handle this - or maybe it'll turn out not to be a problem after all...

My story starts out with two events that happen prior to the "real" story. I've put each in its own chapter, with the year in the chapter's title. So Chapter 1 - 19XX, then Chapter 2 is 19xx + 3 years. Then I get to the actual story, that occurs 2 years after Chapter 2. (Have I lost you already? *g*) My question is how to make sure that the reader knows that from Chapter 3 on, we are in the present and that this is where the story takes place. (Oh, and there is a flashback in the main story, but it is clearly labeled and italicized, so it is clear that it is a flashback). Hmm - I'm confusing myself...

I thought of labeling the first two chapters as a prologue - but I wasn't sure about that -
Anyone have any advice?
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