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Writing Tips

I found a series of posts by Josh Lanyon (one of my my favorite Pro's writers: JGL) on writing a m/m mystery. The topics he's covered and future posts are listed below, along with a link to the site. Some pretty good advice from a very good writer!

A link to Josh's posts can be found along the left side of the page under the "How to" title.

Characterization in the Gay Mystery Novel - March 15
Setting in the Gay Mystery Novel - April 15
Plotting the Gay Mystery Novel - May 15
Theme in the Gay Mystery Novel - June 15
Clues and Red Herrings - July 15
Dialog in the Gay Mystery Novel - August 15
Sex and the Gay Mystery Novel - September 15
Writing a Gay Mystery Series - October 15
Pulling it all together - Final Question & Answer Session - November 15
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