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We take great delight in presenting the agents lovely crazy people writers and artists for the 2012 Pros Big Bang, along with the summaries of the stories they're currently working on.

On behalf of the fandom at large, and the Box of Tricks Modly Seven in particular, I'd like to thank all of you for participating. ♥

ARTISTS: If you have not received an email from prosbigbang with your writer's rough draft attached, please check your spam trap and if it's not there, let us know.

So, without further ado...

1) This Week It Rained by halotolerant. Artist: Rain (milomaus)

So that was it, Ray thought: Bodie was an unstable loner who wanted no-one and that nobody wanted.

Ray Doyle is not best pleased by his CI5 partner assignment, but determined to make the best of it – it’s his career after all. And over years working together, he finds he’s grown... accustomed to Bodie. In fact, maybe too accustomed, too relaxed, forgetting that Bodie is still more than a mystery. He didn’t see the kiss coming, that’s for certain (or at least, it’s really never been something he let himself think about).

Whilst Ray’s still trying to figure out what that encounter means, he finds himself in the middle of a tragedy that has exposed secrets he never even imagined Bodie might have. Getting to know someone, all of someone, can be more than painful, it can be friendship-breaking. Ray isn’t sure Bodie can bear to have him see this, isn’t sure he can cope with what Bodie’s been keeping secret, or with the fact that Bodie did keep it secret, all these years.
Trying to help someone desperately vulnerable, struggling to deal with his feelings, can Ray work out whether this partnership has finally reaching breaking point? And if so, where do they go from here?

2) Untitled (fusion) by Airelle (airelle1). Artist: smirra
Bodie and Doyle in the DS9 universe, Bodie as a Cardassian half-breed and Doyle as the Bajoran Major Kira Neray. When a Cardassian ship mainly crewed by scientists and engineers sends a distress call to DS9, Major Kira and Chief O’Brien head a rescue mission to save the crew. Onboard the doomed ship, they find a young Cardassian who has been beaten and abused, and left to die in a closed room. Then something strange happen while the 3 of them teleport back to DS9. Soon, the Bajoran Major and the rescued half-breed strike up a friendship, one which will soon develop into something more, while Sisko, Kira, O’Brien and Bashir try to keep the young man alive and help him resolve his numerous psychological issues…

3) Viewpoint (possible title) by PFL (msmoat). Artist: norfolkdumpling

You'll be paired off, and from then on, you're the Bisto Kids. The evolution of a partnership, as told through the perspectives of Bodie, Doyle, and Cowley. Bodie’s cool, self-confident, and a loner — until he’s not. Doyle’s passionate, idealistic, and in search of a deeper connection — until he’s not. Cowley just wants his best team to be efficient and effective — and if they would keep themselves alive, he’d appreciate it. Bodie believes caring makes you vulnerable; Doyle believes caring makes you stronger. What happens, then, when together they have to deal with the likes of Charlie Turkel, Franz Myer, Preston, Kathie Mason, Coogan, Wakeman, Mayli, Ojuka, and each other? Is it possible to step outside your own viewpoint, and see the truth through another’s eyes?

4) Seven Days In May (working title) by golden_bastet. Artist: gvenanne

William Andrew Philip Bodie - just Bodie to his acquaintances - returns to England after years away in Africa. Barely functioning, weary of seeing and doing things that no one should see or do, he finds refuge in the darkness of an apartment for rent in a run-down section of London.

Raymond Doyle, a policeman with a promising career and a promising relationship, decides to nudge his future forward by looking for an apartment to share. In a corner, in the dark, he finds a stranger hiding in the shadows. At first, it seems that the man might be in need of social services; but it soon becomes clear that he is looking for much, much more.

In that bare room, they strip: physically, mentally, names and identities and histories.

And so the two men's paths cross, and merge, and they begin down a different path: one in which the real world is left outside the door, and the only communication is though the senses. Bodie can push away the wounds deep inside and Doyle can exorcise demons - without the entanglement of emotional ties.

The perfect arrangement for two strong-willed men looking to cheat society’s expectations.

...Except payback, as they say, can be a bitch.

5) Measuring Scars by maddalia. Artist: Nicky (nickygabriel)

When William Bodie’s widowed father marries a well-to-do woman, he finds himself plunged into a world to which he never dreamed he’d have access. As the new boy at a posh Catholic boarding school, Bodie has to negotiate strict rules, school bullies, and priests with worrying reputations. He finds an ally in Jonathan Draper, a charismatic scholarship boy whom Bodie suspects might be in love with his best friend. But when Bodie starts to question his own sexuality, it coincides with events that will take him far away from school life -- eventually, to CI5, and Ray Doyle: a man who might help his life start to make sense again. But when Bodie and Doyle are assigned to protect a volatile ex-spy whose life is in grave danger, Bodie realises that he hasn’t escaped his past quite so thoroughly as he thought ...

6) A Game of Two Halves by JoJo (solosundance). Artist: Roven (roven75)

London, the summer of 1982. Both members of George Cowley’s crack CI5 partnership are recuperating from injuries sustained in an operation that didn’t quite go to plan. Bodie doesn’t mind too much – after all, the World Cup in Spain is about to begin and he intends to watch all of it on a big telly from the comfort of his own sofa. The only downside is that he’s not sure Doyle’s going to join him, because the two of them have fallen out lately, mostly about war in the South Atlantic. Somehow, though, they can’t seem to stop ending up in each other’s living room. As the Group of Death plays out its inevitable drama on-screen and bones begin to knit, it’s obvious their mateship is very much alive and kicking. Perhaps even more than that. Except for one of them, recuperation suddenly goes badly wrong, and then IRA bombers come to town…

7) Leaving Scars by Judes judesmk. Artist: mella68.

The world ended at 2.54pm on a cold, wet Wednesday in August 1982. Not for everyone but for William Bodie and Raymond Doyle the world they had so painstakingly forged through years of partnership and, latterly, love, shattered in an instant. Or so it seemed when they looked back on the events of that August day.

Maintaining a working relationship through a series of seemingly random cases involving an horrific murder, gun running, drug dealing, a bullion robbery and more murders, Bodie and Doyle also have to cope with the after effects of their love affair. Is there any chance that they will come together again? Will they be able to continue to work together? Will they ever discover who murdered the McAllister family?

8) Arcadia by sineala. Artist: Liriel (liriel1810)

To catch an unknown assassin, Bodie and Doyle head undercover on a cruise ship, posing as a couple. Aboard the ship are many people from Bodie's past, and any one of them could be their suspect. In the course of the investigation, Doyle discovers that there are a great many things he would never have guessed about Bodie's former life... and about his own feelings for his partner.

9) Voyages of the CI5 (au) by Allie (hutchynstarsk). Artist: togsos

In a futuristic world, Cowley hires two men to work as pilots on his spaceship: scarred ex-soldier Bodie and chip-on-his-shoulder Doyle. In the boredom of space, their early antagonism slowly grows to friendship. During Cowley’s dangerous missions for them, Bodie stands by Doyle as no one else has ever done. Then a galaxy-wide danger—and Bodie’s sudden secrecy—tests their friendship beyond what most could survive. Can Doyle stick by his partner no matter what, or will Bodie manage to push him away?

10) Possession is Nine Tenths... by LilyK (sc_fossil). Artist: mstardmusketeer

Bodie is determined to keep Doyle from destroying his life, even if Doyle doesn't want Bodie's help. While Bodie desperately tries to save his partner, events from his past surface and soon both of their lives are in grave peril. Canon-based alternate reality w/ supernatural elements.

11) When it All Comes Tumbling Down (au) by marjorammax. Artist: SCH (scherwood)

Struggling single dad and ex-cop Ray Doyle falls in lust the moment he follows his new neighbour up the stairs. Once he gets to know the enigmatic William Phillips, love soon follows. But what’s a straight laced ex-copper to do when he finds out the object of his dreams is actually negotiating an illegal arms deal for the mobster who employs him?

12) A Mercenary's Tale by Fictionwriter (margaret_r). Artist: bodiecuddle

Both a mysterious midnight phone call and a dark stranger cause Bodie to relive his mercenary past and bring that past into the present. In an attempt to avenge old wrongs he risks both his developing relationship with Doyle and his job in CI5 until Cowley’s intervention sends Doyle to rescue both the situation and their love.

13) Untitled by murphybabe. Artist: bodiecuddle.

Bodie and Doyle have been Cowley’s top team for years now. Inevitably, this drew them together in their spare time – after all, who else would put up with the demands of CI5 and Cowley? What started off as lust and expediency has developed into a perfect partnership – until Doyle is seriously injured on the job again. Bodie and Cowley collude in finding Doyle a new role, shadowing Cowley through the gloom of Whitehall, and Bodie joins Macklin and Crane. Tensions surface, and the relationship shifts again, to settle into comfort and security. And then – disaster! Doyle is tempted by a visiting colleague from the French Surete. Bodie wants to settle down, but will Doyle confess all? How will Bodie react? Will the partnership – and their love – survive?

14) Til Jerusalem is Built (crossover) by P. R. Zed (przed). Artist: Ancasta (ancastar).

London and most of England may have been lost to a zombie plague, but Cowley has created a refuge for survivors in a Scottish castle and a virologist who escaped to the castle seems to have produced a vaccine for the plague. But when the vaccine has unexpected side effects, Bodie and Doyle find themselves caught up in another race for survival. A crossover with the 28 Days Later universe and Take That RPF.

15) The Morning Gift (au) by moth2fic. Artist: Lorraine (artconserv)

Raedwolf, a Saxon, is brought up in a Norman household by his brother-in-law. Giles goes on crusade, leaving Rae as castellan. This is unusual for a Saxon but Rae will both protect his family and oversee the building of Giles’s new castle at Winterton Cowley. Then Guillaume le Beau arrives with news from Giles and stays to help Rae train the men-at-arms.

16) Beam Me Up (crossover) by Callisto (callistosh65). Artist: SCH (scherwood).

It’s business as usual on a Thursday night stakeout. Right until the moment a strange red circle straight out of Dr Who ejects the two brawling Winchester brothers right into the middle of CI5’s case.

On the run in the Suffolk countryside, Bodie and Doyle find themselves saddled with two Americans Cowley has taken a sudden interest in. Bodie locks antlers with the older one and gets patched up by the younger one, while Doyle tries to get them all out in one piece.

Meanwhile there’s the codeword Castiel to crack, Cowley’s interest to fathom, and bonding to be had over bacon, weaponry, and Mad Tommy’s black car.

17) Driven by Anguish by Krisser (krisserci5). Artist: Allie (hutchynstarsk).

How far would a partner go to avenge a death?

CI5 verse; ten years post Need To Know.
Bodie sees Doyle fall to his death, and he sets out to find the culprit.

18) Where the Jungle Begins by Verlaine (loyseofverlaine). Artist: ILWB (inlovewithboth).

Before CI5, before the SAS, before the army . . .

There was Africa.

Past and present intertwine when two of Bodie's mentors from his mercenary days are kidnapped. As Bodie and Doyle search London to find out who has taken them and why, Doyle's major concern is for his partner. How will the secrets from Bodie's past affect their present—and their future?

19) The Aftermath of Words by lbc (longstrt). Artist: togsos.

Although Ray and Bodie are having sex, Ray is totally dissatisfied by their relationship which is strained by an undercover op for Bodie which Cowley arranges.

When Bodie gets back, Ray has a new partner and refuses to become Bodie’s partner again due to the machinations of George Cowley and a misunderstanding that has left the two men barely speaking to each other.

As a result of a permanent injury to one of the former partners, the once solid relationship is devastated as one of the men walks out and the other is mired in George Cowley’s plans for the future. Can the two men get together again?

20) Full Circle by Merentha (merentha13). Artist: Snail (snailbones).

After the disastrous ending to an op, Doyle leaves CI5 and Bodie. But fate and George Cowley are not done with him. While working for Scotland Yard, Doyle’s undercover assignment unravels and he finds himself reluctantly working with Bodie again. As their investigation progresses, Doyle finds that he may be able to do more than bring this set of villains to justice; he may also be able to close a painful chapter from his past.

21) Acts of Service by ILWB (inlovewithboth). Artist: cloudless_9193.

Inspired by the chance reading of an article in a magazine, Bodie sets about trying to win Doyle’s heart. But his efforts are hampered by an eccentric bomber who soon has the Capital city on its knees. Can CI5 save London? And can Bodie be there for Doyle when it all goes wrong?

22) The Bodyguard (au) by Liriel (liriel1810). Artist: Kat-byrd (sc_fossil).

Popular music star Ray Doyle is getting anonymous letters threatening to kill him if he doesn’t stop performing. He ignores them until a parcel containing an adder arrives, resulting in PA Ruth Pettifer being bitten and ending up in hospital. Manager George Cowley decides the matter is serious enough to warrant hiring a bodyguard for Ray’s protection. An old army buddy sends along WAP Bodie, recently released from service with the SAS.

Sparks fly as Doyle and Bodie battle for dominance and Ray is determined to get his bodyguard fired—after he gets him into bed. While the police try to track down the perpetrator, Doyle will need to listen to Bodie if they’re to make it through the tour alive.

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