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Weekly Check In Post

Well, big bangers.  Warm, isn't it?  I'd love to say that I've been beavering away at artwork for my lovely author's story (waves at msmoat) day and night, but the truth is that I've mostly been hugely enjoying reading that story as it unfolds, and laying on the floor whining about how hot it is outside.   Not the most productive use of my time I admit, so this weekend, I'm opening GIMP and I'm going in!  Wish me luck :D

So, writers and artists - how's it going?  All done,  nearly there, or just enjoying the journey?  It's all good!  Let us know in the comments where you're up to and give our gorgeous cheerleaders a chance to shake their pom poms in your direction.  The Olympic opening ceremony tonight won't have anything on our squad!

And because it's Friday evening, and I feel like a little bit of pretty - have some of my favourite pictures of the lads under the cut.  Call it inspiration if you like. *g*

There - don't you feel inspired!

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