P.R. Zed (przed) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
P.R. Zed

Deadline and Reminders Post

We're a few days after the May 28 deadline for Artists and Vidders sign up, but if any of you lovely visually creative types would like to sign up, my fellow mod and I are offering an amnesty of a couple of days. So sign up by end of day Wednesday and it's all good.

You can find the Artist and Vidder sign up here

Also, this is a reminder to all you writers that the deadline for a rough draft/outline and story summary is June 28, less than a month away. You'll be sending this to either callistosh65 or me so we can post the story summary anonymously on July 5 for the artists to claim. (We'll send out the details closer to the date.)

Good luck to all our writers on making the deadline!
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