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Weekly Check-In Post

Hi all! I just remembered today that it was my turn to do the weekly check-in; apologies for the hasty post. We're coming up on the deadline soon (the 23rd! mark your calendars!) and you can expect an upswing in posts here at Box of Tricks as we head for the draft deadline, and, of course, after it. But this is, once again, the check-in. How's it going? Finishing up the draft? Plowing through the comments from your beta? Adding the finishing touches on your artwork?

Since editing is the thing I am currently stuck on, I thought you might appreciate a few links I found while I was procrastinating diligently editing my story. Yes.

UK vs. US spelling: Come on, I know I am not the only American here.
EditMinion: I have not actually tried this, but it supposedly finds common mistakes.
synecdochic's Writing Meta has a lot of advice on various subjects, including editing.

And, finally, I have the feeling I've linked to them before, but if you're writing in Word or OpenOffice (or you at least have OpenOffice), and you plan to post your story as HTML rather than Rich Text (more information on posting is forthcoming), astolat's formatting macros will convert your bold/italics and so on to HTML. It is a wondrous time-saver.

So what's up, everyone?
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