P.R. Zed (przed) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
P.R. Zed

Participating Artists for the Pros Big Bang

Here's the complete list of all you fabulous artists & vidders who have signed up to provide visual accompaniment to our writers' stories (reposted, since I somehow managed to post it to my own LJ on Thursday):

Maerrie, ILWB, P.R. Zed, kat-byrd, ND, gblvr, Ancasta, Lorraine, Ankaree, banbury, and Firlefanzine.

The next step for our artists is to claim your story/stories. We'll be posting the story summaries from our writers anonymously on July 5. Artwork will be due on August 20.

I'm sure I speak for my co-mod when I say, I can't wait to see what you lovely people come up with.
Tags: artists 2010

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