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'This Week it Rained' by halotolerant

Title: This Week it Rained
Author: halotolerant
Artist: Rain/milomaus
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle (mention of past Bodie/OFC and Doyle/OFC)
Word count: 25,322
Warnings:This fic contains themes of congenital childhood disability and reference to serious illness in children as well as bereavment. Characters use ableist and homophobic language. Please consider whether this will upset or trigger you before reading.

Summary: So that was it, Ray thought. Bodie was an unstable loner who wanted no-one and that nobody wanted

Ray Doyle is not best pleased by his CI5 partner assignment, but determined to make the best of it – it’s his career after all. And as the years pass, he grows pretty accustomed to Bodie after all. In fact, maybe too accustomed.

Getting to know someone, all of someone, can be more than painful, it can be friendship-breaking, and when a sudden tragedy exposes a whole new side to Bodie's secrets, Ray isn't sure he can cope with what Bodie’s been keeping secret, or with the fact that Bodie did keep it secret, all these years.

Trying to help someone desperately vulnerable, struggling to deal with his feelings, can Ray work out whether this partnership has finally reaching breaking point? And if so, where do they go from here?

Notes: Thank you to my wonderful artist Rain (milomaus) for the stunning artwork - you are so talented ♥ & thank you to moth2fic for turning it into gorgeous icons! Thank you to my beta elfwhistletree for many hours of discussion. Thank you to the Big Bang Mods for running things and making this all possible - you rock!

Link to Fic:This Week It Rained (25322 words) by faviconhalotolerant
Link to Art:Art for "This week it rained" by Halotolerant (0 words) by faviconMilomaus and here (http://milomaus.livejournal.com/12651.html)
Tags: stories and art 2012

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