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Cheerleader sign-up post

This is the sign-up post for cheerleaders for the 2013 Pros Big Bang!

Being a cheerleader is the perfect way to be involved with the Big Bang that doesn't require writing a story, making art, or betaing anything! (Though you can certainly do any of those if you want!) A Big Bang can be daunting, and participants need all the encouragement they can get. And you, the cheerleaders, can provide it! It is really nicely motivating to have people reading bits of your story and saying, "That's fabulous, and where's the rest?" Be encouraging, be there to listen to ideas -- the sky's the limit!

If you want to be a cheerleader, please comment with your answers to the following:

User name/Pseud:
What pairings/genres you're willing to read:
IM contact (optional):

Thank you in advance for signing up!
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