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Attention Agents! One more day to sign up as a writer.

The time is nearly upon us!  That's right...the March 1st deadline for signing up as a writer for this year's Big Bang is tomorrow. Eep!.   We've had a great response so far, but there's always room for another marvellous Pros author or two, so why not bite the bullet and leave your details over here at the sign-up post?   We don't bite...unless you make a special request for it. *g*

While we're on the subject, let me just put a word in for our artist sign-ups too.  We've got some fabby artists already sharpening their pencils and vidding-fingers and raring to go, but we'd love to have some more to play with!   If you think you'd like to play and take a shot at illustrating one of the fabulous stories that'll be produced in this year's BB,  please consider signing up here.  We'd love to have you!

Other useful posts:

Beta sign-up
Cheerleader sign-up

 Come in and join us - the water's warm and full of lovely semi-naked CI5 agents!
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