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Weekly Check In Post

Check in time again, Agents! Crikey, the time really flies when you're flailing about in a panic about your word count having tons of fun, eh?

Writers - the rough draft deadline approacheth. Slowly, obviously, as it's not until 1st July, but still. A goal to aim for! How's it all going? Let us know how you're doing in the comments.  And as ever,  feel free to ask for help about anything, vent some frustrations, or do a little happy dance at how swimmingly the lads are getting along :)

Artists - Even though you don''t know which story you'll be working on yet, maybe you've had some thoughts about what style you'll be using this year?  Have you decided to change your medium, try something different, or been inspired by another artist to dip a toe into a technique you haven't used before?  What are your dream plot points/characters to illustrate or vid?   Any tips for other artists taking on the Big Bang challenge?

Betas/Cheerleaders - how are those pom poms?   Buffed up and ready to shake at a moment's notice we hope ;)  And we imagine the Betas' red pens are raring to the most polite and constructive possible way, of course ;D

As ever - any questions/comments/pleas for emergency wine and chocolate are welcome either in the comments here or by contacting the mods at  Our friendly and professional operators are standing by to take your call...

Well.  Maybe not so professional.  But they are friendly!
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