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Check in time :D

Hello and welcome to the check in post *waves at everyone*.

Just a quick post from me this week and as I am rather addicted to my links I thought I'd share a few with you. So here are links to some resources that I've found useful in the past, either Pros related or more general. We have shared some of these in previous BB's but I hope that you find them interesting.

VADS - the online resource for visual arts

A history of London Tube Maps

Brixton History

Museum of London

History of Wimbledon

History of the Metropolitan Police

little_details - LJ fact-checking community

And a couple of specific Pros' resources:

Internet Movie Firearms Database – Professionals section

Internet Movie Car Database – Professionals section

And if you have any useful reference sites / resources then let us know in the comments as I we'd all love to see them.

And as always let us know how you are getting on in the comments, whether you are thinking, planning, plotting, writing, beta-ing, editing, cheerleading, or, like me, just waiting eagerly.
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