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The Big Reveal!

The mods of CI5_Box of Tricks are proud to announce this year's participants in the 2013 Big Bang.

All authors and artists should have received an email by now. Artists, you should have in your grubby talented hands a rough draft copy of your writer's story. Writers, you should have an email letting you know who your artist(s) will be for your Big Bang story. If you haven't received your email, drop us a line at

Thanks, all!


1) ML Mead (moonlightmead) with artist Sw33n3y (sw33n3y)

"Barry Martin, causing trouble again? But he's dead." "I tell you, Mack, I wish he wasn't. Means I can't shoot him. And this time I'd do it."

Barry Martin caused enough trouble the first time round, but it seems that even after his death, his legacy lingers long. Five years after Bodie and Doyle pursued him through London, it emerges that he left behind him a notebook. A blackmail book. Information on where he might find some extra cash or leverage in CI5 itself. Offered to a number of London papers. Bodie and Doyle have to get it back. Before the newspapers publish it. Before the Russians acquire it. And before anyone can realise that they are in it too...

2) Maddalia (maddalia) with artist Mella68 (mella68)

Old Wounds

Vic Matlock is a giant in the illegal drugs and weapons trade, and an old and bitter enemy of British law enforcement. Doyle feels like he’s back on the drugs squad as he and his old mate Kendall are sent to investigate. Meanwhile, Bodie witnesses a meeting between Cowley and the head of Special Branch, about an escaped prisoner who might prove a vital link to Matlock. But when they’re pulled off their jobs to babysit a retired navy surgeon who is the father of one of Bodie’s oldest friends, it becomes clear that the case is even more complicated than they imagined. Their personal lives aren’t much simpler, either — after five years in a committed relationship that they fell into almost without realising it, it looks like Doyle’s about to break the pattern, and Bodie is struggling to understand why...

3) Golden Bastet (golden_bastet) with artists ILWB (inlovewithboth) and Rain (milomaus)

One day, an obbo goes horribly pear-shaped and the unspeakable happens: Bodie loses his partner Doyle.

In the aftermath, Bodie leaves it all behind him: London, CI5, his hopes and dreams and missed chances, repairing to a small cottage in the north. He exists, doing the bare minimum, unable to even think of Doyle, much less avenge him. George Cowley, however, has other plans, sending him deep into enemy territory with a promise of vengeance in pursuit of the man who threw Bodie down the rabbit hole.

However, a straightforward tracking job becomes more complicated than Bodie had bargained for when he finds his guide is insane, their other companion may be a spy, and the terrain itself may be in league against him. His dreams bring back memories he'd long suppressed. And the vengeance he so dearly seeks may not be what he thinks it is.

4) Marjoram Max (marjorammax) with artist Snailbones (snailbones)

Out in the Cold (AU)

To Ray Doyle it seemed the ideal time to bring his relationship with William Bodie out into the open. Ray’s life had settled down since he had joined CI5 and he was sick of hiding his love of Bodie from his family and colleagues. But newly promoted CI5 second-in-command Bodie finds he has enough on his plate without the added stress that Ray’s announcement brings, and he starts to pull away.

Bodie isn’t the only person struggling to come to terms with their relationship and, when Cowley is injured in a cold-blooded hit-and-run accident, and responsibility for CI5 falls squarely on Bodie’s shoulders, Ray finds himself completely shut out of Bodie’s life at the exact same time as events in his own are spiralling out of control.

When their work and private lives collide, will Ray and Bodie be able to find their way back to each other?

5) Krisser (krisserci5) with artist Banbury (banbury)

In The Course of Action

Bodie's past forces Doyle to go undercover in Scotland. Lads go to Amsterdam and are caught out in snow conditions in Scottish mountain.

6) Dawnwind (dawnebeth) with artists Kat-byrd (sc_fossil) and Lillian Orchid (lillianorchid)

In the Frame

Bodie and Doyle are expecting a fun day off at the races with friends when they witness the brutal murder of a jockey, Timothy Merrill. Merrill was the son of the American ambassador, and the murder needs to be solved quickly to avoid an international incident—how does Merrill’s death connect to an artist who paints horses and a winning racehorse?

7) Jaicen (jaicen5) with artist Lorraine (artconserv)

It’s 1889 and London is still on edge with the Ripper Murders when Sergeant George Godley is called to deal with the Cleveland Street scandal. But when his nephew, William Bodie, turns up looking for a missing comrade they find that Cleveland Street is just the start of something far more sinister. With help from Ray Doyle, a young street smart man, their investigation turns up intrigue and danger on a scale they hadn’t dreamed possible and with it, the potential to destroy a fledging relationship before it is barely begun.

8) Lbc (longstrt) with artist Bodiecuddle (bodiecuddle)

Doyle asks the wrong question at the wrong time which causes Bodie to vent his anger and walk out. The partnership is split as Bodie is assigned to guard an important and very unusual individual. When there is an attempted assassination, Doyle suddenly becomes involved in an unexpected way.

Is the friendship and partnership irrevocably ended when Bodie decides to leave CI5?

9) Merentha 13 (merentha13) with arist Minori (minori_k)

Detective Constable Raymond Doyle, disgusted and infuriated by the corruption he’s found in the Drugs Squad, vows to expose those who are lining their own pockets and tarnishing the reputation of Scotland Yard. George Cowley wants to see him succeed, for several reasons. Newly qualified CI5 operative W.A.P Bodie is sent undercover to make sure both men get what they want.

10) LilyK (sc_fossil) with artist Krisserci5 (krisserci5)

Different Phantoms

Cowley puts Bodie and Doyle on a unsettling spree killer case and much to Doyle's dismay, he's slowly discovering that he is involved in ways that he doesn't understand.

11) Judes (judesmk) with artist (mella68)

The world ended at 2.54pm on a cold, wet Wednesday in August 1982. Not for everyone but for William Bodie and Raymond Doyle the world they had so painstakingly forged through years of partnership and, latterly, love, shattered in an instant. Or so it seemed when they looked back on the events of that August day.

Maintaining a working relationship through a series of seemingly random cases involving an horrific murder, gun running, drug dealing, a bullion robbery and more murders, Bodie and Doyle also have to cope with the after effects of their love affair. Is there any chance that they will come together again? Will they be able to continue to work together? Will they ever discover who murdered the McAllister family?
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