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The Artist Claiming Post

The Artist Claiming Post

For our artists, here is where you get to claim the story (or stories) you'd like to work on for the Big Bang.

Here, once again, is the process:

  • Click on the cut and read the story summaries. The summaries are numbered, and some have titles.

  • Comment on the post, and include the following information: your email address; how many stories you are willing to work on; your first story choice (include the number and title, if there is a title); your second story choice

    You can include up to four choices.

    So my claiming comment might look like this:

    Email: przed at rogers dot com
    Willing to work on: 2 stories
    First Story Choice: #1 Super Fab Title
    Second Story Choice: #15 Another Super Fab Title

    We will send you the draft and writer email contact info of your first story ASAP. If you have agreed to work on two stories, we will send you the draft and writer contact info for your second story when all artists have been assigned their first story. (This might take a day or two, depending on when all our artists check in.)

    The comments on this post are screened, so your mods are the only ones who will see them. If you have any questions, you can let us know via comment.

    On to the summaries…

    1. Untitled (Claimed)
    A dead body in the library means much more to Bodie than he dare let on. An undercover assignment gives Ray Doyle the freedom to act towards Bodie in a more natural way. When the assignment is finished, can they go back to working together as before, or have the dynamics of their partnership shifted irrevocably?

    2. Painted Angels (Claimed)
    Ray D and William B, violently different men, come together during training for the newly formed CI5 counterterrorism squad. They clash from day one – then begin to find out how great they could be as a team. But the pain of the past looks set to tear apart what George C has put together...

    3. Untitled (Claimed)
    A secret from Bodie’s past has come close to killing him. With Cowley refusing to accept his resignation from CI5 and Doyle turning his back on him, Bodie has fled to his bolt-hole in the countryside to lick his wounds and try to work out what to do next.

    When a resentful Doyle is forced to follow him an uneasy truce is struck between them: Bodie has no one else to help him in his weakened condition and despite how much he may now despise him Doyle feels he still owes Bodie for old times’ sake. Now if only they can deal with the truth about Bodie’s past and the other secrets standing between them.

    4. Indelibly Marked (Claimed)
    Doyle is frantic after Bodie disappears on an undercover operation. To discover Bodie's whereabouts, Doyle joins the criminal band of aristocrat Edward Daniels, a group whose members are all tattooed with the image of a black and red snake running down their arm. Will Doyle find Bodie before Daniels' inner circle discovers his deception?

    5. Untitled (Claimed)
    Doyle wakes up in a warehouse. It’s night, he has a head injury, a man is yelling at him to come on, and there are two bodies on the floor near him—one a policeman. He staggers out of the warehouse with the man, although he doesn’t know him. And he realizes he doesn’t remember anything. They meet another man on the street, beside a van—a tall, dark, beautiful, and engagingly modest man (and mercenary arms dealer) whom the first man calls “Williams”. Doyle has to figure out who he is, what’s going on, and why he seems to instinctively trust Williams, even though he clearly shouldn’t.

    6. Any Other World (Claimed)
    This is a sequel to Kitty Fisher's “The Pillory”. This picks up immediately afterwards and follows Bodie as he, finally, tries to untangle the web of lies that has been woven around Doyle.

    7. Run Through the Jungle (Claimed)
    Bodie and Doyle become embroiled in a story of political intrigue that starts in South Africa then moves to London. Their assignment is to follow a young South African reporter who is investigating corruption within her country’s government and who may be in danger from those same elements. Their task is complicated by the reporter’s involvement with an exiled dissident and a group of rather unsavoury foreign agents with their own agenda, not to mention the lads evolving feelings for each other. Surprise and danger dog them until the final explosive conclusion.

    8. Untitled (Claimed)
    It is 1975, the height of the First Wizarding War, and Voldemort's reign of terror has spread far and wide. His followers, the Death Eaters, have begun cursing and killing Muggles. As CI5's brief includes domestic terrorism, the responsibility for stopping him falls on them -- but this is not a fight they can win without magic.

    For this reason, Ray Doyle, an Auror, is transferred from the Ministry of Magic to join CI5, as that service's first and only wizard. But his abilities must remain secret from his fellow agents, including Bodie, his new partner. How can he defeat the Death Eaters? How can he hide who he is at the same time? To make matters worse, Bodie seems to have a few secrets of his own, and it especially doesn't help that Bodie is so damned attractive... A Harry Potter crossover.

    9. Psychic Dreams (Claimed)
    William Bodie has dealt with a lot of odd things while working with CI5, but when self-proclaimed psychic, Raymond Doyle, provides explicit details of a murder Bodie's investigating, he begins to suspect that Doyle is somehow more involved than he's willing to admit. Could he be telling the truth about his psychic abilities... or could he be the murderer Bodie is hunting?

    10. Touch Sensitive
    Following kidnap and torture, Bodie is on long-term, indefinite sick leave, with Doyle “living in”. Prior to this, the lads had embarked on a sexual relationship and things had been going well. Now, Bodie can’t even bear to be touched.

    11. Untitled (Claimed)
    George Cowley’s death reunites his top team ten years after Doyle walked out on his partner and lover. Cowley’s will tasks the men with packing up the house, forcing them to spend time together. When Bodie stumbles upon a file detailing the dealings of MI6’s Willis things get complicated.

    12. Ripper's Bait (Claimed)
    Slash AU, historical, x-over with Jack the Ripper movie
    London. 1888. Jack the Ripper has murdered male as well as female prostitutes. While Inspector Abberline and Sergeant George Godley search for the killer, tough and ambitious Constable Ray Doyle goes undercover as a male prostitute in Whitechapel, determined to catch the killer in the act. When their investigations converge, Godley and Doyle become at first reluctant partners and then lovers.

    13. The Palest Ink (Claimed)
    After Doyle is killed in what appears to be a random accident, Bodie attempts to come to terms with all that was left unresolved between them. Then, miraculously, Doyle is discovered alive. But is the man claiming to be Ray Doyle actually a clever imposter?

    14. Stay With Me (Claimed)
    It’s spring, 1979 and union leader Tom Findlay is fighting a losing battle against the authorities and owners who want to shut down the last of the upriver docks. Meanwhile, Bodie and Doyle are investigating a murder, one in which Findlay (an old acquaintance of Doyle’s) is the chief suspect. The Lads discover that there’s more going on beneath the muddy waters of the Thames than meets the eye. ( Mention of child prostitution).

    15. Raymond Doyle and the Most Popular Man in the World (Claimed)
    George Cowley assigns Bodie and Doyle to guard Sir Jeremy Townshend, often called the Most Popular Man in the World and an old friend of Cowley’s, who is going to testify in London about some of the nefarious dealings of some of his business associates, but to Bodie’s dismay, Ray seems taken with the man. Bodie becomes so hostile to the man they’re guarding that he is taken off the case. The situation continues to deteriorate when Doyle is offered a job with Townshend’s Swiss organization.

    Bodie is offered a job with another CI5 unit, which seems to close the relationship between the former friends, but a serious attempt on Townshend’s life results in Doyle being injured and forces the two friends to examine their relationship.

    16. Westhaven (Claimed)
    A high level blackmail scheme leads CI5 to Westhaven, a company that checks the metal health of outside company employees. Cowley assigns lads to a long undercover assignment where they have to work for another company, dress in nice clothes, and be found in a homosexual affair.

    17. Untitled (Claimed)
    After “Close Quarters” and mostly in Bodie’s flat: Bodie is bugged, betrayed (but is he really?) and buggered. Expect evil scheming by Willis of MI6, worrying by Cowley, and a great deal of comforting in a variety of ways by Doyle.

    18. One For Sorrow (Claimed)
    Het story, OFC. Bodie and Doyle have to protect a retired assassin, but Cowley uses the opportunity to draw out the unknown would-be assassin. The Lads need to find out the reason why the mysterious assassin is under attack. Torture and violence, and one explicit sex scene.

    19. When Diplomacy Fails (Claimed)
    Bodie takes an instant dislike to Ian Woodrow, the man he and Doyle are assigned to protect. Darren Black, Woodrow's partner, is also under protection, but he balks at the tight quarters in the safe house and after having words with Woodrow, he goes missing. Doyle goes looking for Black. When the two men don't return, Bodie and Woodrow must set aside their differences to search for their missing partners.

    20. Wolfkammer (Claimed)
    Hoping their experience with the IRA will bring a fresh perspective on domestic terrorism, the German authorities request the assistance of Bodie and Doyle in investigating a possibly Neo-Nazi organization. The pair is teamed with a small group of German officers, working with them to foil the activities of the so-called Wolves of Westphalia, even as Doyle struggles with his growing feelings for Bodie. Werewolves and other legendary creatures help and hinder their activities but are never fully acknowledged in the final reports.

    21. Past Imperfect (Claimed)
    While on duty providing security for an exhibition of new work by a famous artist, Bodie sees a portrait of Doyle and discovers some unpleasant and upsetting facts about his partner’s past. While he is grappling to come to terms with these new details CI5 unexpectedly becomes embroiled in a case whose roots go back to Barry Martin’s betrayal. Doyle goes undercover as an artist’s model while haunted by evil memories out of his past. The partnership is under strain and Doyle is under pressure – will they break the case before Doyle snaps, will Bodie be able to overcome his prejudices and provide Doyle with the support he needs?

    22. Of Angels and Angles (Claimed)
    Bodie wasn't looking for passengers, but a sarky mechanic argued his way on-board the Capri. He makes himself more useful than Bodie expected (and he's not hard to look at, either), but Doyle has secrets that could get both of them killed. Also, he has wings. (Bodie/Doyle, sci-fi AU)

    23. Handsome Is As Handsome Does (Claimed)
    It’s just another routine undercover, right? Which is why it’s no problem if Bodie goes in instead of Doyle. Because Doyle has this girlfriend he seems to be getting serious about. And if it’s the one he left Bodie for, well Bodie’s moved the fuck on and is dealing with it all just fine, thank you.

    Except... the undercover goes pear-shaped and Bodie ends up chained in a basement. Then in a coma. Then on a road to recovery with a hovering, guilt-ridden Doyle, said girlfriend, and a whole lot of issues to somehow sort out before he can get cleared to come back on duty.

    24. Babylon is Fallen (Claimed)
    Awakening from a coma, Doyle finds London has been left desolate by a zombie plague. As he struggles to survive, he searches for the survivors of CI5 including, so he hopes, Bodie. A crossover with the 28 Days Later universe.
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