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A month to go! What is happening next in the Pros Big Bang.

There is now about a month to go until the final deadline so we thought it was about time to let you all know what to expect over the next few weeks. Apologies for this long post, we didn't want any of it hidden under a cut.

The Deadlines

Monday 23rd September

Writer's final draft is due
  • While you'll still have a few days to tweak and polish, we'd like the writers to have complete, finished stories by this point.
Artist's rough draft is due
  • As the artists have less time to work on this than the writers, we only need to see a rough draft of their art at this point. What we're looking for is an indication that the artist is on track to finish in time for their posting date.
Artists and writers should all send their drafts to the friendly mods. Further information about sending us these drafts will be posted closer to the deadline.

Friday 27th September

The posting schedule is sent out to artists and writers.

Tuesday 1st October

Posting begins. *dances*

What You Will Be Posting


In a publicly accessible location of your choosing: your story, including, if appropriate and possible, links to the art created by your artist.
  • You may post in your own LJ, in an LJ you create specifically for this purpose, in an archive, like The Automated Hatstand or AO3, or on a website.

  • We only require that the story is publicly accessible, and that you do not post your story before your assigned posting date.
In the ci5_boxoftricks LJ: a post with links both to your story and to your artist's post.
  • We'll be supplying templates for what your posts should look like nearer to the posting dates.

In a publicly accessible location of your choosing: the art for your claimed story, with any commentary you'd like.
  • As with the writers above you may post anywhere (LJ, archive, website etc) as long as it is publicly accessible.

  • Your writer will be linking to where you posted, so you will need to supply her or him with this link before they post at ci5_boxoftricks.

  • In addition to facilitate your writer including your art within their story, you may either supply them with files for the art, or with links to whatever site you have uploaded the art to. Vidders, you can supply the embed links, if you're posting the vid on YouTube or a similar site, or you can supply a link to the file on a site or an upload/download service.
Some extra reminders / notes

We'll be supplying templates for what your posts should look like nearer to the posting dates.

We will also be asking you about any dates in October when you would not be able to post so put your thinking caps on.

If posting in LJ, there is a limit of 65,000 characters per post. This generally works out to an average of 8,000 to 10,000 words.

A new 2013 Pros Big Bang Collection has been made available here. To find out more about AO3 take a look here and here. To be clear you are not required to post your story / art at AO3 but if you are interested in posting at AO3 we still have some invite codes left so drop us a line if you would like one.

And finally

As always if you have any questions, drop us a comment or an email (the address is and watch out at the comm for future posts.
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