mollior cuniculi capillo (sineala) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
mollior cuniculi capillo

Today is the deadline!

Attention, Pros Big Bang writers and artists: today is September 23, the deadline for submission! Writers, this means final drafts! Artists, this means rough drafts! We want them!

Details on how to name your files and where to send them can be found in this post. Make sure to tell us in your email if there are any dates you cannot post on, since once we have all the drafts we will begin assembling the posting schedule. Keep an eye on your email; we should be able to give you all a schedule within the next few days.

If you're not going to be done today, please do get in contact with us via the usual modly email,, and let us know how things are going.

We are looking forward to seeing those drafts! Hooray!
Tags: announcements 2013

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