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Corrected version: Big Bang 2013 - Asking Too Much by lbc - artwork by Bodiecuddle

Title:Asking Too Much
Archive to ProsLib:Yes
Characters/Pairing:Bodie and Doyle; Doyle and m; m/m
Word Count:38,000

Summary: Doyle asks the wrong question and Bodie is furious. This causes a rift in their partnership which forces two others to intervene to try to save the relationship. This story is updated to the year, 2005, and the lads are still in their 30’s.

Notes:Thanks so much to bodiecuddle for her wonderful vid which accompanies my story. I don’t understand how to vid so I am especially appreciative of all her work.

Link to Fic:FicMasterPost/StoryTitle
Link to Art:Art Master Post
Tags: stories and art 2013

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