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Strike while the irony is hot

Quick reminder about the poll


PLEASE remember to vote in the poll about the future of the Pros Big Bang if you haven't already and are eligible to participate.

This poll will close at 5:00pm GMT (or a little later) on Wednesday, 27th of November. Time approximate due to RL schedule.

I'm repeating the instructions here as we've already received one vote from someone ineligible to do so.

You are welcome to participate in this poll if you have successfully posted a story, piece of artwork and/or vid to the Big Bang in any of the four years Box of Tricks has been running. If you have NOT participated but vote anyway your vote will be discounted.

If you have not participated but would like to see how the vote is going please click *only* the tick box in the second question.

The poll is here

Thank you for voting. :D

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