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Pros Big Bang signups opening soon!

This is your reminder that author signups for the fifth annual Professionals Big Bang open on Wednesday, the 29th of January! Yes, this Wednesday! That's two days from now!

While you hover at your computer waiting with bated breath for the signup post, we your moderators humbly suggest that you take this time to read (or reread) the 2013 Big Bang entries. Last year, participants produced 11 stories, for a total of 435,414 words of fiction, with accompanying art!

But the fun doesn't have to stop there! You can also peruse the 2012 stories (19 stories, 678,220 words), the 2011 stories (16 stories, 585,646 words), and the 2010 stories (23 stories, 695,123 words)!

That means that in the past four years the participants in the Big Bang (that's you!) have written (and illustrated) 69 stories with a total wordcount of 2,394,403 words! That's over two million words of Pros stories! Get ready to sign up soon and help add even more words! (Maybe this year we can hit three million!)
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