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Prompt post for 2014 Pros BB

Hi everyone, and it is time for the annual Pros BB prompt post.

This is your chance to share your ideas for Pros stories with everyone so that all the writers and potential writers out there can have a rummage through them and see if any strike a spark.

So have a ponder about the Pros stories you have always wanted to read and then share the plot bunnies with us :) As for guidelines well there isn't many but here goes:
  • You can leave as many prompts as you want, so whether you have 1 idea or 100 we would love to see them.

  • The prompts can be detailed or vague.

  • All genres and pairings are welcome so go mad and ask for that Macklin/Cowley zombie romance story set in a steampunk version of Elizabethan England.

  • You do not need to stake a claim on any of the prompts, this is a free for all so if any catch your attention just go for it.

And finally remember to check out the prompt posts from previous years as they are full of fantastic ideas.
And that is about it, can't wait to see what ideas are out there.
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