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Cheerleader Sign Up Post

Shake those pompoms!

One thing our writers, artists and betas (and mods) need is lots and lots of encouragement to forge ahead. This is the place to sign up if you would officially like to be a cheerleader for this year's Big Bang. However, we love everybody cheering on our participants, and even if you are a writer or an artist or an editor who is going to join in this year's Big Bang, please cheer your fellow participants on!

Everybody is welcome! Feel free to sign up or if you'd rather, when the weekly check in posts go up, hop in and shake those pompoms for the folks who let everybody know about their progress.

So just sign in below and indicate you're a cheerleader if you like. And keep your eyeballs peeled for weekly postings to keep everybody aware of this year's progress. We all want more fic and art (and editors)!

I'm using an "official" icon I made a few years ago. Please feel free to use it as you like.

Thank you!
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