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Weekly Check in post

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s check in post.

The deadline for the writers sign up is getting closer and closer, in fact under a week now, so I thought I would start by sharing the links to the sign up posts:

Writers sign up post

Beta sign up post

Cheerleader sign up post

And a quick reminder that we will be opening the artists / vidders sign ups in May.

Next I have a few links go you that I thought would be useful / fun / distracting :).

And to start with as I like to link them each year here are links to a few word count meters like this one:

Writertopia: writing meters, Progress Bar, and NaNoWriMo Word Meter

Next links to a few articles / web pages that I liked:

Creative writing inspiration pinboard

Free creative writing eBooks

The 90 top secrets of bestselling authors

31 ways to find inspiration for your writing

And lastly, as always, please chat about anything you like, ask us questions, and let us know how we can talk bribe you into signing up. *waves pom poms*
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