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Weekly Check In Post

We're well on our way now then! We have a list of fabulous writers signed up and it really feels like the Big Bang is off the ground properly and shaping up for another great year :)

As we know that some of our writers will be in varying stages of the 'ARGH what have I signed up for???!!!!' process, I bring useful resources for kick-starting those little plot bunnies into action:

Plot Bunny Generation and Adoption Centre - all you need to know about those pesky bouncy critters, and how to tame them...

Writers Plot Idea Generator - with links to handy tips on naming your original characters, plot twist generator and a first line generator.

The Really Random Plot-o-Tron (does what it says on the tin *g*).

The 33 Most Important Bunny Gifs on the Internet. Because...bunnies, right?

And if you need further motivation - just look at this little chap, patiently waiting for your story to start.


How can you possibly disappoint that furry face? *evil cackle*
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