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Weekly Check-In Post

Hello, fellow writers and Pros lovers! It is the weekly check-in post. This post is to enable you to let us know how you're doing. We refuse to allow panicking so let's hear about all those words you are putting to screen or even paper. Hey, I'll take whatever I can.

How about a line from your story? Don't worry if you end up not keeping it or editing the daylights out of it. A taste is a good thing. Out of context gives everybody something to think about. *beg*

Here's a bit from my story:

No one mentioned Bodie's interest in other men. Doyle wondered if the remark Bodie had made that first night he'd met him about shagging him was rubbish; made to throw Doyle off his game, to needle, to insult.

It hadn't worked. Much. Doyle kept his eyes and ears open, ready for the first opportunity to approach Bodie and give the sodding prat a piece of his mind.

Anybody else? Come on. I don't bite (much). Hey, it's a kink!
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