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Weekly Check In Post

It's a beautiful weekend here in sunny Blighty - just right for imagining the Lads strolling along in the countryside enjoying each other's company. Or handbrake-turning round corners and taking out dangerous criminals. Y'know...either one. *g*

Don't forget that the Artist Sign-up Post is now open for business, and will stay that way until 31st May, so if you were thinking of joining the fray and having a crack at some Big Bang art or vidding - now's the time! We already have 17 fabulous artists signed up, which is SO exciting, but there's always room for more!

Feel free to tell us how you're getting on with your story. Or if you're an artist, perhaps you're thinking about the style you'll use in you art when the stories are chosen? Questions, comments, wailings for help or jumping for joy - the comments are open for all!

And if you need any inspiration, the Daily Pros tumblr is always rife with pictures, gifs and screencaps - just waiting to kick off that next idea :)
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