sc_fossil (sc_fossil) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Weekly Check-In Post and Artist Reminder

Hello, all! I'm here to check in with all of our fabulous writers to see if everybody is working away on their stories. I know I'm anxiously awaiting posting time. I love seeing all the wonderful Pros fic and art and vids that are posted in October, and this year will be as terrific as the past years have been.

I'd also like to remind all of the artists and vidders out there that the sign up deadline is quickly approaching. May 31st is the last day you'll be able to join our merry band as an artist and/or vidder. Please go to this post to sign up. We'd love to have you.

Anybody have any questions? Stuck on your story? Finished? Let's hear from you so I know you're all out there and I'm not all alone. You don't want to see me cry. *beg*


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